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why learn to become happier? (The many great BENEFITS OF HAPPINESS)


Following is a list of the many benefits of feeling happy (and it’s associated traits of optimism etc.)

  • Happiness improves your overall health
  • Protects your heart. …(reduces heart disease by over 50%)
  • Happiness strengthens your immune system. …
  • Happiness combats stress. …
  • Happy people have fewer aches and pains. …
  • Happiness combats disease and disability
  • Happiness lengthens our lives 


Happy people

  • Happiness broadens your focus and expands your thinking 
  • Happiness improves your ability to problem solve
  • ​Happiness builds physical, intellectual and social resources
  • Happiness counteracts negative emotions
  • Happiness protects your health
  • Do better in social relationships
  • Use their intelligence more efficiently
  • Are more optimistic
  • Have better physical health
  • Are more creative
    http://www.upperbay.org/DO%20NOT%20TOUCH%20-%20WEBSITE/articles/benefits%20of%20happiness.pdf (article by Rich Bayer, Ph.D stating Dr. Martin Seligman’s summary of happiness benefits in his book, “Authentic Happiness”)

Happy people are more successful

  • Happy people get sick less often
  • Happy people have more friends
  • Having a positive attitude makes life easier
  • Have a positive influence on your loved ones
  • Happy people enjoy deeper conversations
  • Happy people eat more healthily and exercise more often
  • Happy people are more healthy people
  • Happy people are happy with what they have
  • Happy people are more productive and creative


  • Do better in social relationships 
  • Use their intelligence more efficiently
  • Are more optimistic
  • Have better physical health
  • Are more creative
    http://www.upperbay.org/DO%20NOT%20TOUCH%20-%20WEBSITE/articles/benefits%20of%20happiness.pdf (article by Rich Bayer, Ph.D stating Dr. Martin Seligman’s summary of happiness benefits in his book, “Authentic Happiness”)

An analysis of 30 happiness studies found that happiness adds several years to a person's life.


Happy positive attitudes bring better outcomes in diabetes, cancer, chronic pain 
Lowers heart rate
Lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
Have a greater tolerance for physical pain
Lowers concentrations of a plasma associated with heart disease
Companies pay 41% less in health related causes for employees who are happy and health
Among older people, optimists have a 77% less risk for heart disease then do pessimists.
When exposed to the viruses that cause colds and flu, people with a more positive outlook not only get sick less often, but recover faster.
People who are happy because they feel their lives have meaning and purpose (they helped out a friend in need, for example) experience healthy changes at the cellular level.
http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-17656/the-health-benefits-of-happiness-infographic.html​This gives you powerful CONTINUED motivation to accomplish your goals- no more failed “New Year’s resolutions”.

Superior work outcomes (Greater creativity, increased productivity, higher quality of work, higher income)


Stronger immune system
Better mental health
More activity, energy and flow
More likely to be more cooperative, pro-social and charitable
More likely to benefit their families, their community and society at large
Less symptoms of psychopathology (Less depression, less suicide, less paranoia)
Greater self control and coping abilities
More likely to enjoy larger social awards
More likely to become married
Less likely to become divorced
More likely to have more friends
More likely to enjoy stronger social support
More likely to enjoy richer social interactions
http://thehappinessshow.com/HappinessBenefits.htm#benefits list 

Advantages Of Happiness


The Advantages Of HappinessWhy be happy, when I can be normal, or even ‘serious’? Because being happy has many advantages; a few of them are:

  1. Happier people live longer on an average, up to 10 years more. [The Nun Study]
  2. Happier people make better and faster decisions. [Journal of Consumer Research]
  3. Happier people have stronger immune systems, and endure pain better. [The Mexican Study]
  4. Happier people are more satisfied with their jobs, are more productive, & earn more. [Harvard Business Review study]
  5. Happier people have less depression & suicide, greater self-control & coping skills.
  6. Marriages are more likely to succeed when a couple experiences 5:1 positive ratio. [The Gottman Institute]

Benefits of Being Happy


The Benefits of Being Happy Happiness has many benefits. Happy people are way ahead of others, as science has proven:

  1. Happy people earn more, get rich more
  2. Happy people are more successful
  3. Happy people are more popular, more loved
  4. Happy people have better relationships
  5. Happy people have more friends, bigger social circle
  6. Happy people have more pleasant and satisfying marriages
  7. Happy people have better physical health
  8. Happy people are mentally stronger, yet calmer
  9. Happy people are kinder and help others more
  10. Happy people are better and more regarded leaders

Happiness Is A Learnable Skill


Happiness Is A Learnable Skill Research has proven that our happiness levels can change significantly over our lifetimes, suggesting that happiness is actually a skill that can be learned. 
“We don’t really think of happiness as a skill, but everything we’ve learned about the brain suggests that it’s no different than learning to play the violin or learning to engage in a complex sport.If you practice at it, you’ll get better at it.” – Richard J. Davidson, neuroscientist and professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison.
“Happiness is a skill, but it is a skill that has many components, and each of those components are constructive ways of being, like altruism or benevolence, compassion, inner peace, inner strength, inner freedom.” – Matthieu Ricard, molecular geneticist, author, and a Buddhist monk.
Happy People Are More Healthful Jose de Jesus Garcia Vega, Professor of Economics and the Director of the Center of Well-being Studies at University of Monterrey, Mexico, has famously written in in the World Book of Happiness, “It is often said that people spend the best years of their life trying to make money and sacrificing their health and their family, only to spend the rest of their days paying that same money in an attempt to recover their lost health and their estranged family!”

Happiness improves performance


One popular misconception about happiness is that happy people are somehow more likely to be lazy or ineffective. In fact research shows the opposite is true: happiness doesn’t just feel good, it actually leads to a wide range of benefits for our performance, health, relationships and more.
For example, economists at Warwick University showed different groups of people either a positive film clip or a neutral film clip and then asked them to carry out standard workplace tasks under paid conditions. The people who were primed to feel happy were 11% more productive than their peers, even after controlling for age, IQ and other factors. Similarly, researchers at Wharton Business School found that companies with happy employees outperform the stock market year on year and a team at UCL has discovered that people who are happy as young adults go on to earn more than their peers later in life.

Schools that focus on social and emotional well being have better academic results. Photograph: Andrew Fox / Alamy/AlamyIn healthcare, doctors who are happy have been found to make faster and more accurate diagnoses, even when this happiness was induced simply by giving them the small gift of a sugary sweet. In education, schools that focus on children’s social and emotional wellbeing experience significant gains in academic attainment as well as improvements in pupil behaviour. Happiness has also been linked to better decision-making and improved creativity.
So, rather than success being the key to happiness, research shows that happiness could in fact be the key to success.
But it doesn’t just help us function better: happiness also brings substantial benefits for society as a whole. For example, a review of more than 160 studies found “clear and compelling evidence” that happier people have better overall health and live longer than their less happy peers. They are around half as likely to catch the cold virus and have a 50% lower risk of experiencing a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack or stroke.

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