Edward I have to share this with you.

Last night I spoke with Jayla. I have never seen her so happy and positive and talkative in my life.i asked her about her goals. She was so happy and said "it feels so good to be accomplishing things. I'm happier and it's making such a difference in my life already. " it was as if she were a completely different person. What a beautiful thing to watch her grow. I thought you may want to hear some feed back about how your program is helping people. I know I'm loving it! Love ya! Have a glorious day!​
I just wanted to say that I joined You are the Project because the person who introduced me was making some real and even surprising positive changes (and although I was very skeptical at first, I'm now really glad she told me). After joining about six weeks ago, I have felt very supported and been very motivated and by what you and Shay are doing which has resulted in my consistent actions that are resulting in continual personal improvement, including losing about 10 pounds (and my happiness level has increased too).
Edward, I wanted to thank you so much for sharing “You are the Project”. I am enjoying participating in the course via the internet as I am located in Utah. I feel that participating in this course has been a great investment in my life. I have been able to improve my relationships, including my relationship with myself and my children, be more mindful of my time and how I am using my time, and taking a simple yet powerful look at my life including my health, my happiness, and my dreams. I am enjoying learning new hobbies, setting and accomplishing my goals, making better financial decisions, and improving my health and fitness. You have a great way of drawing us in to share your insights and knowledge in a fun and non-judgmental way. I look forward to the weekly lessons to see what new awareness or insight I can gain and add to me actually living my life vs. life passing me by! I now eat healthy, exercise regularly, meditate, effectively handle relationships and really am improving my spirituality. Who knew that an online self-improvement course could give such motivation and make such a difference!Love ya! Have a glorious day!​
Edward, I want to add an amazing update: I have continued to work on the 3 things you emphasize, Happy body, Happy Mind and Happy Money (and the resultant Happy Relationships). I'm doing exceptionally well in all of those areas. I'm excited to report my miraculous results- Besides finally developing a great relationship, I've stopped all of my depression medications AND I've totally reversed my diabetes, plus I've even stopped my hormone replacement from my former hysterectomy. I have now been without any medications for over 6 months! It is simply amazing and I can't even describe how much better I feel. Oh, and with the hundreds of dollars a month I've saved from not purchasing any more medications and the financial simplification you recommend, I was able to open my own office for therapy. I will start out making more than double what I made before and I'm now a real example to those I counsel. I will continue introducing others to this life transforming program. Thank you so much for all of the great information and motivation you give us weekly and please keep doing what you're doing.
​Laura Carter
June 2019 (Nevada)  After hearing Edward give a short presentation on his Happiness and self-improvement group lessons it piqued my curiosity and got me questioning my latest stalled plans for my own happiness. It was truly a very bad time in my life (I was in despair and depressed) so I knew I had to do something. His short explanation about his group lessons and a brief talk with him afterwards gave me some hope, and he saw things in me that I didn't, and through some group lessons and personal coaching he was definitely able to bring out the best in me. Edward has given me the tools and steered me into a much better direction to build the foundation for a much better life and happier way of thinking no matter what the situation is at the time. In more concrete terms, I am healthier now and so amazingly happy, and even my financial situation has gotten better. With his guidance my life is now on a much better path than it has been in many years and I can't put into words or say enough how thankful I am for the help he has given me in the last few months. If I were you out there reading this, I would strongly recommend that you give him a call and put some trust not only in Edward but also in yourself, and you'll be amazed at the positive changes you can make with his coaching... and it keeps getting better.  Daniel M. 
Daniel M.
​Edward, Just letting you know how much I enjoy the group. It's great meeting like minded people improving their lives. Your lectures give us great insight into righting any of the wrongs of life itself. I really enjoy your personal stories and you do well getting us into your mindset. You seem to streamline and improve the lectures as the months go by. I especially like the sharing each week and the potluck dinners are a great way to meet new members and catch up with our new friends! Love ya! Have a glorious day!​
​As you know, You Are The Project has made a huge difference in my life! I am far happier and healthier than ever before! I basically see my life now as pre You Are The Project/Edward and post. As a long-time participant from the pilot program I have not only made tremendous progress in many areas, but those changes have all become habits in a part of who I am. Everything has changed for me from my new-found extremely healthy, lean body to my much stronger and balanced character (amd so many new skills I've developed along with an enjoyable new business now and becoming a first-time author). This program always keeps me on track by giving me continued motivation for accomplishing my goals. YATP has shown me that I can accomplish so much more with focus and the powerful motivation it provides. This program definitely needs to be shared with everyone! Thank you so much!!!
​For years and for many conversations a family member and I have talked about how we feel we are not living up to our potential; that we need to change our lives. It’s been a running dialogue for years, and nothing has really changed. Efforts for awhile but then we seem to go back to our familiar habits of living. When Edward emailed me regarding You Are The Project I knew inside that this was an answer for me to really change my life. To finally do the things I needed to do and more importantly be who I knew inside myself I could be. At the time this opportunity came to me, my dryer was broke and so was I. I had saved so far almost $400 towards a new dryer but decided I could continue to go without a dryer. It was a sacrifice at the time but more than worth it. I’ve never been one to invest financially in myself much but I figured I was worth $500 dollars and that it would be money well spent. I knew I could earn the money back as I reached my goals and shared this growth opportunity with people I loved and cared about. I invited some friends to join with me and have seen growth in all of our lives. The first month of reaching my goals, I earned well over half of my investment back. I love the concept of getting paid for reaching my goals, it is a true motivator for me because I truly need it. Edward, in his weekly lessons, gives me new ways and new thoughts of looking at areas of my life that I need to change. Growth and change and the feeling of accomplishment and empowerment I get from reaching my goals bring great joy and increased happiness to my soul. I’m truly grateful for the things I am learning and doing in my life. Thank you Edward.
Sherri Lasoff
I have known Edward Southwick for almost 30 years and can say, without exaggeration, that he is the healthiest and most resilient person I've ever met. He never seems to get sick, and is always upbeat no matter what hardships he might encounter. He is truly an example of the happiness and healthy lifestyle he teaches. His relationship with his partner is inspirational, particularly in light of how much younger she is than he. I have dealt with a number of Life Coaches over the years, and have constantly found Edward to be the most logical and effective of all of them. Experience has taught me to trust logic and reason, to not let them be overwhelmed by emotion, and to take a skeptical approach to most things. As such, I am not easily swayed by others' ideas and advice. In spite of this, because Edward's life and example are so compelling, I really listened when he pointed out some of the things I was doing that weren't leading me to a better, happier life. He was able to help me see things in better proportion and perspective, which helped me to become happier, more balanced, and truly logical in the way I live my life. Like many of Edward's clients, I was in a comfortable financial position when I met him, but was not using my assets in a manner that was really conductive to my overall happiness and well-being. Edward was able to analyze my situation and make me realize that it would be foolish to continue in my old and deeply ingrained ways. I am now able to more logically utilize my finances and live my life in a more balanced, happy and healthy way. He has helped me to see that my number one responsibility is to be healthy and happy. Knowing that is the best and most caring thing I can do for my family and friends. . Michael Sundquist

Hello Edward, as you know, life has been changed for the better since joining You Are The Project about a year ago. I've signed on for another year of creating new and maintaining the positive shifts that have already occurred through joining YATP. Such as becoming more aware of my thinking, emotions and actions given to all that I desire to have in and from life. It seems that we can all benefit from from the weekly lessons, encouragement and uplifting self improvement that YATP provides. Along with friendships created and new opportunities to connect with people through business and other areas of life. I am creating better relationships and becoming more logical in my thinking and also continue to create more balance with finances. My relationship with myself has improved, thus all areas of life have been positively influenced. I highly recommend YATP to anyone who feels that their life gets to feel, be better, happier and anyone who desires more motivation and an amazing education in happiness, health, relationships, finances...in every aspect of life. Thank you for your commitment and support to others and for sharing YATP with me and allowing me to truly obtain more satisfaction with this whole life thing. Peace be with you,


Edward, Your happiness classes have introduced me to a broader way of thinking & feeling about myself & those around me. Through the lessons in your class, I have adapted new approaches to self examination in all of the specific areas of my life. The balance that has been created is unmatched to any other lessons that I have previously learned. I have established & continue to establish tangible direction & purpose with my daily activities which enables me to deal more efficiently with life's challenges. The opportunities that have presented themselves outside of your happiness classes, due to my new direction & understanding has been incredible! Thank you for your trust & commitment to yourself & others & to allow me to see great things about who I am.
Edward, Thank you so much for all of your great insight. Your Happiness course, "You are the Project", has been one of the best things I have done for me in a very long time. It has brought to light various aspects of my perceptions about myself. I can see more clearly areas that I need to work on. This class has also shown me ways to improve and change those perceptions that are causing me to stumble on my path through my life. Learning how I can make changes myself to improve my Happiness Quotient have been most beneficial. I think for myself just being made aware of these aspects of myself have set me on the road to making the changes I see as necessary for my happiness and well being throughout the rest of my life. Thank you again.
Hi Edward, Thanks for the great class! I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. The Happiness Class you taught was really eye opening for me! I learned a lot about what I wanted and what I needed. I was also able to recognize some patterns in my life that have given me a sense of freedom. I now understand that my happiness is not dependent on anyone else but myself. And I have the power to change and choose how to live my life. The "bad part is that I also have to take responsibility for my happiness. If I'm not giving myself what I need and being true to myself, it's my own fault. I think the biggest thing I realized is that I was trapped into living my life in fear. What is the saying? "A coward lives a thousand deaths, a hero only one." I had never understood the meaning behind this before, until one of your classes. This was my big "Ah ha" moment. I learned that when I had something difficult to do, I practiced and lived the event in my mind over and over. I have now figured out that once is enough, much less stressful and usually not as bad as I imagined over and over again. I would love to attend your class again, and look forward to working with you. Not only did you have great ideas and tips but the interaction and discussion with the class was very enlightening. Thank you
Edward, Thank you for the heartfelt words. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and your efforts. I also wanted to let you know how much I look forward to your words of wisdom on self mastery and what you have learned about happiness in your life. I look forward to the time we have in each class to hear from you...
This class has helped me a lot in following through on my Goose Fables: sales, book festival, future speaking engagements (3). It has given me confidence to mingle with such a great group of people. I've improved in every area: health, following my inner voice, living in the present, etc. I've learned a lot from observation and hearing the ups and downs of others in the class. It's a great idea and I hope you continue.
Hi Edward, The thing that I got most out of the course this time was spiritual. I learned that prayer helps heal, and I started to connect with God, during a difficult time. Most importantly, I came to believe that increased spirituality and a connection with God are the most important things in life.That is a fundamental change in my life and my way of thinking. Next most improved would be my mind... Financial and health: I got hit pretty hard on both during the course, actually some of the worst times of my life, and I have learned some lessons the hard way. The course helped me deal with these issues. I could have ruminated, gone into a pity party, or a depression. But I bounced back from some pretty tough days....I am much more active socially. I have increased my happiness level to a point where several people have spontaneously commented about it. I quess that is pretty concrete evidence that the course has helped me.
Edward, The project is, me... We get an idea of how things should be, and then we look at our situation... As human beings we have the power to change what we believe. We may use our mind to change our mind... Create your day vs. reacting to your day, with planned "A" activity as well as play. Reward yourself , enjoy the experience of life. Live it.... I thank you for helping me see my life as a work in progress. Always changing always growing yet always ready to come home.

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